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Hosted by Neocities, these webpages are intended to host and archive the comic outside of typical social media sites, as well as offering exclusive author commentary not featured in any other uploading of the comic.
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What is Dread Not?

Dread Not is a a fancomic of the games Undertale and Deltarune, using some of the games' characters to tell its own story. The comic is written and illustrated by Kooki914, with writing assistance from Meowchela. As of writing this, it is still ongoing.

What is this AU about?

In this version of events, the war between humans and monsters ended with monsters winning the war. Toriel is the reigning Queen, and discovers through a prophetic vision that two of her closest allies seek to dethrone her.

Who are the authors?

As previosuly mentioned, the comic is co-created by Kooki914 (myself, he/him) and Meowchela (my best friend, she/her). It was originally just a loose idea and a few drawings, but with Meow's help it's been fleshed out into a several act saga.

Neither of us have much of an online presence, but if you'd like to know more about either of us, heres a link to my art tumblr, and here's a link to Meow's tumblr. If you'd like to, you can also visit our Neocities pages as well! (Kooki link, Meowchela link)

Is this the only platform to read the comic through?

Dread Not has both a Tumblr page as well as a Twitter (x?) page. The comic's pages are uploaded (mostly) consistantly on those sites if you'd like to stay up-to-date, as this Neocities page is, again, mostly reserved for author commentary as a sort of retrospective after each Act concludes. The author commentaries are hidden by default, and I strongly suggest you read through the entirety of an Act before reading ANY of it's commentaries in order to not spoil yourself.

Why does this website look broken on mobile?

Because I'm bad at programming. The best I can do is reccomend that, if you're on mobile, use the "Desktop site" option in your browser, and zoom in if the text is hard to read. Or, if you just want to read the comic and aren't here for my commentary, use one of the aformentioned sites that actually ARE somewhat mobile friendly. I'd personally reccomend Tumblr, but neither option is grand. Pick your poison.

Where can I leave feedback?

If you have comments, observations, criticisms or nitpicks about the comic you'd like to share, or are just looking for someone else to talk to about it, we also have a Discord server you can join (if you're over 15). It's a fairly small server, though I'm always active there, so it's the easiest way to reach me!

Thank you for stopping by!